Specialist Home Insurance

In their drive to speed up the sales process for buying home insurance on-line, insurers now have an increasing amount of situations that are being defined as specialist cover. These are generally things that mainstream insurers find either too complicated or risky to offer reasonably priced cover, if indeed the cover is offered at all.

Insurers will evaluate how risky your property is, based on the information you tell them. Generally, insurers like predictable and common risk types as this reduces the potential for them to have to pay significant sums at the point of claim.

This includes evaluating things like the area in which your property is situated and the materials used to build it through to the occupant and their personal circumstances. CTC can provide specialist home insurance cover, a few examples of which are found below:

  • Non-standard construction
  • Subsidence problems
  • High risk occupations
  • Flood risk
  • Working from home/business use
  • Adverse claims/credit history
  • Listed Properties
  • Criminal convictions

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