Holiday Home

Holiday Homes are empty often for long periods of time. They need extra special care and thought to protect them for when you and your family arrive and want to enjoy that well earned rest. They are more vulnerable to things going wrong because you are not there to oversee the care of your Holiday Home. You need tighter security to keep burglars at bay. You need protection for burst water and leaks. Repairing water damaged homes is a long, drawn out and horrible process, which you really haven’t got time in your busy life to focus on, or be distracted by. Electrical fires can cause untold damage, so smoke detectors preferably linked to a keyholder in your absence are a must.

Our team care about protecting you from these things happening, so when you take insurance with us, we are there to watch your back, to offer pointers which may help you, when thinking about all the ways to help keep your home safe and secure. If things do go wrong through no fault of your own, we will be there to help you get on your feet again as quickly as possible.

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